Our Business

Operate, evaluate, and develop oil and natural gas assets.

Where We Operate

Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming

In-House Professionals

Petroleum engineers, geologists, field supervisors, well operators, landmen and business professionals.

Key Corporate Facts

Established early 2010; Delaware Corporation, privately owned.

Headquarters in Houston,Texas

Managing over 600 oil/gas wells, multiple gas gathering systems, and 80,000 + acres (HBP)

Operating offices:

– Quinton, OK

– Eskota, TX

– Buffalo, WY

Eastern Shelf of Permian Basin, Texas:

– 100% working interest in over 8000 acres

– Re-developing odom Limestone waterflood with horizontal drilling

– Additional development in Ellenburger & Cline Shale

Arkoma Basin, Southeast Oklahoma:

– Operate 480 gas wells

– Gross production 17 mmcfpd

– Producing from horizontal CBM wells and Shale wells

– Control over 70,000 net acres in

– Operate 135 miles of gas gathering system

– Significant infill drilling in Hartshorne Coal and Woodford/Caney/Mayes formations

Natural Gas Assets, Wyoming:

– CBM Assets: Powder River Basin, Wyoming

– Operate 100 wells, producing 2.2 mmcfpd

– Middle Prong Area, Campbell Co.

– Pipeline Ridge Area, Sheridan Co.

What We Like to Do

Operate, manage and optimize oil & gas field operations and re-develop fields with horizontal drilling.

Enhance Asset Value Through: 

– Finding ‘hidden’ value in existing assets

– Geological and engineering studies of oil & gas fields

– Creating new development plans for increasing production, reserves & asset value

– Managing the oil/gas reserve process

– Understanding, managing and operating natural gas gathering & compression systems

– Organizing and managing oil & gas lease, well, and field records / files


Current Assets

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Redbud E&P Inc.
16000 Stuebner Airline
Suite 320
Spring, TX 77379

Office:  832-698-4234

Corporate Contact: aryan@redbudinc.com


Royalty Owner Questions

(214) 691-5800

Redbud E&P Inc.
P. O. Box 250
100 E. Main Street (hwy 31)
Quinton OK   74561

Office: 918-469-3600




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